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2022 also remembering...

We have also been informed that we have lost the following OMs recently

William Maud (1982 – 1989)

After school William went onto to Drama College in Guildford.

Douglas Lloyd (1938 – 1942) Sadly passed away on 29th October 2022

Stephen Addis (1965 - 1972) Stephen passed away on 23rd October.

Lewis James Evans (1946-1953) News has also been received of the passing of Lewis James Evans (1946-1953). Born and raised in Monmouth, he too was a keen rugby player at the school. In 1974, with his wife and six children, he emigrated to Australia. They had 10 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

David Fuzzard (1958 - 1965) Sadly passed away on 12th October 2022 Geoffrey Matthews (1948-1956)

passed away on 9th October after an ongoing illness following major surgery 3 years ago

Tom Browning (42-49) WH Tyler (41-48) Cedric Roberts (47-55)

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