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OM's Boxing Match will support Herefordshire Minds

Liam O’Hare recently won his third professional boxing bout – and is now eying-up a shot at a Midlands title, havingfound a part-time job that allows him to focus on training. His fourth professional fight will be in Birmingham on Saturday 30th July, and for the first time is scheduled to go six rounds. The venue is Eastside Rooms, Woodstock Street, Birmingham B7 4BL and doors open at 6pm for a 7pm boxing start. Ringside seats are £75 per person and there is an opportunity to buy a table for ten, with a chicken dinner provided, for £750. Transport to and from the venue, from Hereford and Ross, is being arranged at the very reasonable price of £5 per head.

Any company or individual taking up this offer will be given appropriate publicity and support an amazing cause because Liam has made the decision to donate all the winnings from this fight to Herefordshire Minds, a charity that helps people with their mental health. It’s “close to my heart having struggled myself in the past,” Liam says. “Boxing pulled me out of it, so I hope to use my boxing to help others do the same.”

Anyone interested can contact Liam at

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