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Jeremy James 1949-2023 RIP

Author and OM Jeremy James died, in Shropshire, on Monday 25 September 2023 after bravely enduring a long illness.

Born in Kenya in 1949, he was educated at Monmouth School, the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester and the University of Wales, Jeremy James spent his early life working with horses and cattle in Africa and the Middle East.

He was a solo trekker on horseback and multi-author on the subject. In 1987 he wrote his first book ‘Saddletramp’ which described his journey on horseback from Turkey to Wales.

Several years ago he spoke to the Sixth Form at Monmouth aiming to inspire a spirit of adventure.

Lydia Unwin’s internet obituary sums him up:

Flamboyant at times, but also happy in his own company, Jeremy loved people, horses and dogs, wine and old friendships. He will be missed.

A fuller obituary can be read:

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